Hironori Sato

Chef of the restaurant MELI MELO in Hokkaido - Japan

In 2013, Hironori Sato opened "meli melo" in the Maruyama district of Sapporo. Using carefully selected ingredients from Japan and abroad, French techniques, and his Japanese sensibilities to execute each dish, his cooking style expresses a variety of textures, aromas, and flavors. His richly creative cuisine earned him a Michelin star in 2017.


"Bring out the best of the flavor"

"I create my dishes based on the local ingredients in Hokkaido and try to bring out the best of the flavor in a very simple way to be able to taste the terroir from the ingredients. Hokkaido, with its rich soils and ocean around it, gives all kinds of wonderful ingredients all around the year.

And the vegetables produced in Hokkaido especially, plays a very important role in my dishes. I would love for guests to enjoy the simple luxury of pairing my cuisine with La Grande Dame through this Garden Gastronomy experience."

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This dish is composed with Hokkaido’s delicious vegetables and homemade Hokkaido wagyu cecina. It’s a good balance between combined with the sent of herbs and vinegar and it brings out the best parts of each ingredients.

Pairing with La Grande Dame

Since La Grande Dame uses a high % of Pinot Noir, I thought it best to create a dish using ingredients that have a natural strength in taste such as Eggplant, Tomato and by using the cesina, giving it a depth to the richness, rather than using a Fish base Umami to accent it.

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"Meli melo offers beautifully crafted French cuisine using superb and fresh ingredients of Hokkaido throughout the seasons, hoping it will delight guests who visit Hokkaido as much as possible. We promise an experience that you will never forget, with our passion towards the art of cooking and love towards Hokkaido."
As a Chef, I believe that the cuisine you eat at the restaurant should be an experience that can only be had in that particular environment, including ingredients, the time and space and the people you share it with, including of course the chef and the service staff at the restaurant.
Hironori Sato

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