Eyal Shani and Mory Sacko

If ever there was such a thing as an instant culinary connection, then this is it! Mory was born in France to Malian and Senegalese parents, and Eyal is Israeli. No matter, a quick glance was all it took to understand they wanted to cook together! Eyal was enticed by the talent and spontaneity of Mory, while Mory was attracted to the enthusiasm and rebellious spirit of Eyal. Within seconds, a bond had formed. The two chefs incorporate a common love of freedom into their new-age creations. Eyal, loud and charming, searched the grapevines for the quintessential philosopher’s stone. Mory, quiet and concentrated, boldly added a Japanese touch to this one-of-a-kind dish that mesmerizes anyone who’s lucky enough to try it.


Beef and fatty tuna in dashi

By Eyal Shani & Mory Sacko
Prepared with the “umami” flavors of the Japanese ingredients, the full-bodied beef and tuna go perfectly with the citrus and brioche notes of our Rosé champagne.