Mike Sonier, Stéphane Abyy and Jean Imbert

Fire for grilling, smoking, braising, and as the magical ingredient for recipes created with six hands...with wood fire, Mike Sonier, Stéphane Abby, and Jean Imbert, a trio of chefs from three different continents, have discovered the element that naturally highlights their skills and influences and makes their menu irresistible. Their watchwords in the kitchen? Freedom and simplicity. And of course, pleasure. The pleasure of sharing unique moments of creativity, and of combining Veuve Clicquot Rosé champagne with the finest seasonal ingredients.


Wood-fire cooking at Veuve Clicquot

By Mike Sonier, Stéphane Abyy & Jean Imbert
Mike, Stéphane, and Jean create wood-fired dishes that go perfectly with our non-vintage Rosé champagne. The spicy notes of this champagne resonate beautifully with the taste of smoked meat and vegetables. And its red and blackberry aromas complement the full-bodied flavor of lobster sauce, chanterelle mushrooms, and wild strawberries.