Sabrina Goldin and Stéphane Abby

Sabrina arrived in Paris from Argentina in 2014, with a degree in industrial design and a handbag brand. She had a passion for food but no experience in the restaurant world. Here she meets Stéphane, whose grandmother owns a restaurant hotel in Ivory Coast. Together, they decided to launch Asado Club, with the idea to democratise Argentine street food. Since the first days of Asado Club, a lot has happened: they gave life to Carbòn, which has gone through many mutations throughout all the different lockdowns and curfew regulations. They opened then closed Cantina. They launched Mesa, a plant-based restaurant in the Hoy yoga hotel. They plan to open a bar in Sardinia. In a nutshell, Sabrina and Stéphane never surrender, and this is the story Veuve Clicquot wishes to tell.



Faced with the pandemic, Sabrina and Stéphane have transformed Carbòn into a marketplace rather than shutting its doors. They have curated and selected an exceptional offer of products to keep welcoming customers in their space: fresh produce, pantry products, craft beers, pretty flowers and their signature dishes to take away. We will follow the two of them in their marketplace, getting all the ingredients they need to prepare the recipe they imagined to pair with Veuve Clicquot Rosé: lamb empanadas.


At the origins of it all is Sabrina’s strong Argentine cultural heritage and Stéphane’s love for her country. The opportunity to shoot in the campo will allow us to show just that: the simple pleasure of an asado which brings together friends and family in a beautiful and peaceful environment.