As Madame Clicquot famously said, “Our black grapes give the finest white wines.” Over 200 years later, Veuve Clicquot’s enduring love of Pinot Noir finds its ultimate expression in La Grande Dame, a showcase of the Maison’s excellence composed principally of the historical Grands Crus of our terroir (+90%). Striking the perfect balance between strength and harmony, this cuvée is an oenological prowess, the result of our Cellar Master’s remarkable talent who strives to preserve its uniqueness.

From this constant quest for excellence comes Garden Gastronomy – a new, gastronomic experience inspired by La Grande Dame.
A gastronomy straight from the garden.
“Grands crus” vegetables for grands crus grapes. Both assertive and sustainable it its luxury, Garden Gastronomy expresses itself through inverted dishes.

This time, vegetables, herbs, and fruits centre stage, while meat, fish, and eggs are prepared like condiments.

Engaged Chefs

A shared philosophy

Hailing from all over the world, Chefs that share this philosophy will be invited to interpret their vision of Garden Gastronomy. Their exclusive dishes, created with La Grande Dame cuvée in mind, will feature on their respective restaurants’ menus.

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The Verzy vegetable garden

A tasting ground of exploration

A project that’s at once ambitious, aesthetic, and humane, Garden Gastronomy finds its natural home in the Verzy vegetable garden, created at the heart of the Maison’s historical vineyard and inspired from the first drawings of the vegetables garden dating from 1920.
Discover Verzy's Vegetable Garden
The Verzy vegetable garden
The Verzy vegetable garden
A testing ground of exploration and innovation, 2500 m² with more than 300 permaculture varieties will be used in the creation of food and champagne pairings for a new era.